Seasonal Flowers


Everyday Bouquets

Svenja Dee of Tulipwood offers local, seasonal flowers and greenery throughout the spring, summer and autumn. Svenja’s work is inspired by the beauty of Nova Scotia on a daily basis. The influence of salty waves, sandy beaches, forests, hills, streams, and native flora and fauna echo throughout her work.

Each bouquet is unique and hand-tied, featuring hand-selected flowers, wild-harvested greenery, and consummate attention to detail. Many of the flowers Svenja uses are grown in her own garden and reflect the changing seasons throughout the year. Because she uses flowers and greenery that are perfectly fresh and healthy, her bouquets have especially long vase lives.


Personalized Bouquets and Arrangements

In addition to weddings, Svenja also provides bouquets and arrangements for family gatherings, reunions, anniversaries, and other events as well as tabletop arrangements for area restaurants and cafes.

Each floral arrangement is as unique as the client who orders it. Bring your own ideas and inspiration to Svenja, or allow her to suggest the colours and blooms that will work best for your event. Svenja grows most of the flowers she uses herself–from seed to bouquet, she offers completely personalized service and quality control.